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Is Kemet Klique dating site/dating app really free? 100%? Totally, completely free?

Yes, but only for a limited time. Upon initially joining Kemet Klique dating site / dating app, you will be provided a promotional 1 year 'GOLD' membership at no cost. With this promotional free 'GOLD' membership you will have access to all features 100% FREE for 365 days. Sing up free, create your profile free, search members free, filter through search results free, send messages/chat with other members free, read messages from other members free, save favorites free, check out who's checking you out free, create mutual attractions free,and more, it's all FREE with your promotional 1 year 'GOLD' membership. You start free, but upon your promotional 'GOLD' membership expiring, you will be required to subscribe to a paid membership to continue full uninterrupted use of the Kemet Klique dating site / dating app.

Who is Kemet Klique dating site / app for? Who can join, and who should join?

All single heterosexual black people, socially, spiritually, culturally conscious individuals from all parts of the African diaspora, worldwide, looking for a date, a long-term relationship, marriage, a friendship, or online pin pal. Members choose what kind of relationship(s) they are looking for under the 'Edit Profile' page after logging in, before their Kemet Klique dating profile is active. 

How does the Kemet Klique Dating site work?

Kemet Klique dating site / dating app provides a safe, secure and anonymous way to find and communicate with people of your choice. Basically, you choose a username (a screen name or alias) and set up a profile describing yourself and the type of person and relationship you are looking for. You can view other peoples's profiles by searching the site and, in turn, other members can view your profile. When you find someone that interests you, you can send a message via the site to their username. The message is sent to their email address from your username - your real name and email are never shown. In turn, you may receive messages from other members. These messages will be from their username and not their real email address, protecting both parties privacy. When you are ready you may choose to tell the other member(s) your real contact details. We recommend that you read our privacy guidelines safe online dating tips.

Does my photo automatically show on my profile?

No, All newly uploaded photos must be checked and approved by our support staff before the become publicly visible. The same is true of existing photos if you change your primary picture or avatar. Photos are usually checked within 12 hours of upload, but this may be longer at times of high demand, and on weekends when we have fewer staff on duty.

Are there any specific requirements for adding photos?

Yes. Your photo must either be in JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, or PCX format. Your photo must be less than 5MB, there is a maximum of 100 photos per user profile, but there is no restriction on the dimensions of the image you upload. We will automatically resize the photo if it is too large.

Why did my photo disappear from my profile?

Your photo may be deleted if it does not comply with our technical requirements, is obscene o is a picture of a celebrity or a meme, cartoon imagery, or copyrighted material. We are a private social dating network, and we reserve the right to promote and support our members interest in finding a date, a long-term relationship, marriage, or friendships; any image that detract from this interest will be removed.

Who are the 'Top Users'?

Top users are member that have had there profiles rated 5 STARS by other members. Top users are often frequently active members with multiple photos, videos, articles, questions & confessions, and or multiple 'mutual attractions', that other members find interesting, fascinating, and or engaging.

How can I Deactivate my account?

Go to the 'Profile Edit' page of your profile, click the 'Delete Profile' link at the bottom of the page. ATTENTION: This process cannot be reversed and will completely delete all your details on the site and app. If you are a subscriber and have time left on your subscription, it will be deleted with your records and cannot be refunded or applied to other (future) profiles/memberships. If you are not sure about this, we strongly recommend that you simply hide your profile by marking it 'private'.

Getting Started

How can I search for members?

For a quick and simple search, specify your requirements in the 'Quick Search' form and click 'Search'. For more advanced search options click the 'Advanced Search' link.

How can I instant message/chat with other members?

While viewing another member's profile, click on the 'Send Private Message' button displayed below the username of their profile. Enter your message in the text box provided and then click 'send'. You may also find members to chat with using the 'Chat' sidebar found at the bottom right corner from the desktop version.


Where are Kemet Klique members from? Are there singles from my country?

Unlike some other dating sites, Kemet Klique dating site / dating app is open to singles Worldwide! Check the Kemet Klique homepage for updates on countries where members are signing up from. Kemet Klique dating site / dating app launched July 2016 with members worldwide! Connect with single heterosexual, socially, spiritually, and culturally conscious black people from countries all around the world, including from the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad, Haiti, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, Jordan, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, India, Japan, Italy, Sweden, France, Togo, Senegal, Australia, and more...

Will any of my details be exposed?

No, only the information that you make 'public' will be revealed or shown to other members (i.e. location, astrological sign, match details). When sending messages to other members, and potential 'matches' or 'mutual attractions', your message will only contain your username (alias), your message, and  brief instructions telling the recipient how to reply. See our Privacy Policy for further details.

I received a message from another member. How do I reply?

The easiest way is to follow the link provided in the email you received. That will take you to their profile, where you can us the 'Send Private Message' button. Or, you can also log in to your Kemet Klique profile and reply to any message using the 'Message' link located in the top right tool bar. Remember, only 'GOLD' members may send and or reply to messages from other members.

Can I prepare a message using another program and then copy and paste it into the Message box?

The Best way to ensure your message displays correctly when the recipient reads it, is to type your message directly into the message box provided. However, if you want to use another program (i.e. Microsoft Word) DO NOT copy and paste the text you have prepared directly into the message box, as this can cause problems with how the message is displayed once it has been sent. As an alternative we recommend that you write you message using a plain text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). 

Must I be a subscriber to receive messages?

No, you will receive messages sent to your username even if you are not a subscriber or 'GOLD' member. You will, however, need a 'GOLD' membership in order to reply.

How do I stop receiving messages from a specific member?

Follow the link to their profile in the email you received from them, and go directly to their profile, or use the 'Search' link from the main interface, and search for their username to locate the other member's profile you want 'Blocked' and or 'Flagged'. Once you have located their profile simply click on the drop down menu button 'More', then select 'Block' which is a red link. 

If they attempt to contact you in the future, they will see a note saying that you have blocked messages from them and that they cannot contact you. Remember only you can remove the message 'block'.

What is a match?

Matches are other members whose profiles meet the criteria you specified in your 'Matchmaking Preferences' page (located in the top right tool bar) when you set up your profile. Our matching engine performs two-way matches, so members will only appear in your match list if you profile also meets the criteria they specified for their matches

How do I refine my matches?

Make sure your profile is as complete as possible, and that your 'My Match' details are not too open. Try to narrow your choices, don't be so cavalier. For example, if your desired partner is a female aged between 18 and 80 living anywhere in the world, our 'matching' engine will not work well for you. The trick is to find the right balance between 'too open' of a criteria your match is, and too narrow a match. Use the 'Matchmaking Preferences' page (link located in the top right tool bar) to refine your 'Matches' specifications. 

How do I add someone as a favorite?

Simply hoover your mouse tool over or click their 'avatar' image, then click on 'Add To Favorites'. You can also click on their 'username' and go to their profile page where you can then add them to your favorites by clicking the green 'Add to favorites' link located directly under their username.

How do I see when a member was last online?

Knowing when someone was last active or logged in is very useful when you look at their profile. If you're using our desktop version, simply 'hoover' your mouse tool over their 'avatar' from anywhere on the site and a pop-up window appear showing their last active date on our site. If you are using our mobile version, the last active date will appear on their profile page.

Can I remove an unwanted match or favorite?

Yes you can, by refining your 'Matchmaking Preferences' you can simply phase out any current match based upon your criteria for your matches. Favorites are simply changed by clicking the 'Remove from favorites' link located on their profile page underneath their username. 

What is a 'Mutual Attraction'?

All 'Mutual Attractions' are created when a member adds another members to their 'Favorites' by clicking the 'Add to Favorites' link located on their profile. After this option is selected, the other member will receive a message notifying them that you saved them as a 'Favorite'; at which time that member will be given the option to add you as a 'Favorite' as well. Once both parties add on another as 'Favorites' a 'Mutual Attraction' will be created and added to your 'Mutual Attractions' page.

How do I get to the Home page?

Simply by clicking the 'Menu' button located in left sidebar 'Navigation Menu' from your 'Throne' page (Main interface), then select the 'Index' link.

I've forgotten my login details. How do I find them?

Easy! Just click on the 'Forgot Password' link, complete the simple form and we'll email you a reminder of your username and a link that allows you to reset your password. 

I you joined with your social network account, simply click the related button located at top right tool bar and sign in with your social network details. If you still have a problem, please contact us

Can I change my password?

Yes. Go to the your 'Edit Profile' page and click the 'Change Password' button located at the top of the page directly over the 'Profile Progress Bar', and follow the instructions.

How do I log out?

You can log from every page on the site by selecting the 'Profile drop-down menu' located at the top right tool bar, then click 'Sign out'. 

Can I change my Username?

For security reasons, it is currently not possible to change the username for an existing account. If you wish, you may delete your account and create a new one with a different username.

How do I change my Profile?

Go to 'Profile Edit' and follow the edit instructions. The more complete your profile is, the higher the chances you have of connecting and engaging other members. The 'Profile Progress Bar' will help you track your profile editing.

How do I add a photo to my profile?

Easy, go to the 'PICS' page and select from the two options located at the top of the page, 'Create Album' or 'Upload Photos', and follow the guidelines for uploading photos. 

How do I search for a specific member name?

Simply click 'Advanced Search' link located in side right tool bar under the 'Quick Search' panel, enter the person's username or real name and click 'Search'.

Why do I not get any results when I search?

You are most likely making your search criteria too narrow. Ty relaxing your requirements a bit, i.e. a wider age range, etc. If you are looking for an athletic, brown eyed 21 year old, non-smoking female vegan, that never drinks, and has enjoys lectures only, chances are you will not get many results!

How do I rate a members profile?

While viewing a member's profile in the desktop version, simply select the five stars displayed within the 'Rate' panel found directly under the members' avatar.

How do I edit a rating?

You can change you rating of a members profile at any time. While viewing the member's profile in the desktop version, simply select the five stars displayed within the 'Rate' panel found directly under the members' avatar.

What is the difference between a member and a subscriber?


Why must I set up a profile to use the site?

You can not search the site without setting up a profile, nor can you view full member profiles. You must set up a profile. Remember, it's free to become a member, but you must subscribe to a 'GOLD' membership in order to fully engage the site / app and it's members profiles, and messaging. 

Do I have to pay to set up a profile?

No. To set up a profile you simply need to become a free member; it is only necessary to become a  (paying) subscriber when you, for example, want to send messages to other members.

How do I set up my Profile?

If you are not yet a member, start by joining Kemet Klique for free. If you are already a member, just click on 'Profile Edit' link.

What does it cost to subscribe to Kemet Klique Dating site/app?


How can I pay?


Is it safe to enter my credit card details on the site?


Will my subscription automatically be renewed?

Yes, if you subscribe using a credit or a debit card, then you will be re-billed at the end of your first subscription period. However, if you purchase a subscription using an alternative method, or cancel your agreement before your renewal date, then you will not be re-billed. 

Should you wish at any time to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, simply contact us by clicking here and emailing out 'billing department' with subject title 'cancel auto renewal'.

I have not used all of my subscription and want to delete my profile. Will I be refunded the balance?

No, unused portions of a subscription are generally not refundable. Deleting your profile will result in your unused subscription being lost. 

Will my profile remain on the site after my subscription ends?

Yes. However, you will need to subscribe again if you want to activate your subscriber benefits again.

Why am I being asked to verify my card details?

You may be asked for an additional level of authentication called MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa depending on you card type. These systems have been put in place by the card networks and the banks in order to provide an extra layer of security against fraud, and some banks have started to make it compulsory for all online transactions when shopping with a merchant that supports SecureCode / Verified by Visa as we do.

What is the difference between a FREE and GOLD membership/subscription?

With a standard 'FREE' membership/subscription, you will only be allowed to 'view' content on our site/app, anyone you attempt to contact must have their own 'GOLD' subscription in order to reply to you. Whereas, with a 'GOLD' membership /subscription anyone you contact is able to reply to you for free, even if the person doesn't have a subscription of their own.

How do I remove or delete messages from members I no longer have contact with?

We do not have an option to permanently delete messages. Instead, use the 'Delete History' option to remove or hide messages you no longer want in you recent messages. To delete a message history, select the 'Delete History' link located in the cross icon. From the main messages page, select the cross icon to the right of each conversation listed. Messages that are deleted using this option will no longer appear in on the messaging page, nor can they be recovered. 

Is my privacy respected?

Yes. We will never give your details to other members or use your details for any purpose without tour permission. For full details please review our Privacy Policy

Is the content censored?

As a rule NO. We're not here to police our members. However, we reserve the right to hide, delete or modify unacceptable profiles. Amongst other reasons we reserve the right to delete or modify profiles that:

  • Are illegal, e.g. under 18 years of age or solicit contact from people under 18 years.

Please refer to our TERM OF USE for full details.

Is my profile accessible to public viewing?

No. Your profile is only view-able by other registered member's at the Kemet Klique. Although, you avatar will cycle at random amongst the other new member's listed on our homepage, but your profile will not be publicly accessible. 

How do I block or Flag someone?

Follow the link to their profile in the email you received from them, and go directly to their profile, or use the 'Search' link from the main interface, and search for their username to locate the other member's profile you want 'Blocked' and or 'Flagged'. Once you have located their profile simply click on the drop down menu button 'More', then select 'Block' which is a red link. 

If they attempt to contact you in the future, they will see a note saying that you have blocked messages from them and that they cannot contact you. Remember only you can remove the message 'block'.

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