21 Savage - A cancer to the Black Community

Mar 1 '19 | By Kemet1luv

A burgeoning generation of cancerous rappers are spitting bleak, hedonistic rhymes about prescription pills, loveless sex and premature death, and their presence on the charts swells week after week. In an effort to expose the poisonous nature of these so-called ‘artist’ and their destructive relationship with the black community this article will focus on the inglorious bastard 21 Savage, who’s LP album ‘Issa’ reached No.2 on the charts with toxic tracks that advise “numb the pain with the money”, and “they killed one, we gon' kill five, nigga” opens up questions about the ethics of enjoying music that revels in violence against black people, and spreads like a virus  is what former President Barrack Obama calls, “toxic masculinity.”

Comparing rappers like 21 Savage with other rap chart-toppers such as rapper Kendrick Lamar and Talib Kweli, is reminiscent of the 1990s distinction between the “conscious”, socially aware rap of KRS-One and Public Enemy and its “gangsta” half-brotha, characterized by acts such NWA, with their grim yet vivid narratives of gunplay and crime, has fallen into a dangerous grey area of entertainment versus blatant disrespect for black life, and the obsession with crime as a way out the hood.

So why are wack MC’s such as 21 Savage diving into hopeless, degenerate rhymes? Nihilism suggests that 21 Savage finds pleasure, in meaningless violence, murder, and drug dealing as an illusory world of self-destruction. Any person that subjectively analysis 21 Savage’s music can see that he is a proponent, and avid promoter of anti-black ether, that exacerbates the western world’s obsession with black criminality. Nihilism and negativity is front and center in 21 Savage’s celebratory murderous lyrics.

Even before his Super Bowl weekend arrest in Atlanta, were Atlanta police say the rapper, whose real name is Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was recklessly driving a car with a loaded gun in the glove compartment,  21 Savage had profited greatly from his image of stereotypically black criminality, rambunctiousness and rebelliousness. His music which has excited his sold out concerts with a majority white audience cheering him on, is laced with perverse lyrics of infidelity, and killing of "niggas", is the main event. His loyal fan base, a mixture of mostly teenagers, suburban white kids, and college students, are entertained and motivated by his rags to riches stories, and hood proverbs about selling drugs, stealing, and killing his way to the top,  but never to the point of them wanting to solve the issues plaguing the black community. 

After closely going through 21 Savages entire discography of destructive and poisonous records, he calls “art”, here is a brief breakdown of lyrics from his various projects from 2015 to present:


“Cooking up dope in Givenchys, all my niggas counting benjis

Pull up on you with the sticks nigga, we gon' handle business”21 Savage (Song - Skirtt Skirtt, 2015)

“I fuck on your bitch then I skirt, we pull up and murder and skirt

They niggas they know I'm berzerk, I keep it up under my shirt” 21 Savage (Song – Skirtt Skirtt, 2015)

“My nigga we flipping that work, we jug and remixing that work

Lil bitty bitch wanna flirt, this lil bitty bitch wanna flirt

“I'm fucking this bitch for a perc, I'm fucking this bitch for a perc”21 Savage (Song – Skirtt Skirtt, 2015)

"I fucked a nigga's bitch

I fucked another nigga's bitch

When you gettin money you can fuck a nigga's bitch”21 Savage (Song – Pimp, 2015)

“You know it's hard out here for a pimp

When you tryna get this money for a brick”21 Savage (Song – Pimp, 2015)

“Take a nigga's shit you better take a nigga's shit

I just took a nigga's shit and flooded out my wrist”21 Savage (Song –Pimp, 2015)

“Gucci store, a hundred thou', that's just in a day

Always cheatin', I'm a dog, think I need a cage”21 Savage (Song – Gang, 2015)

Bitch you better suck a dick or you gotta dip

I got real shooters 'round me, they gone fucking flip” 21 Savage (Song – Picky, 2015)

“I fucked her on camera

The bitch was embarrassed

I gave her a molly

She talking to Scotty” 21 Savage (Song – Slaughter Ya Daughter, 2015)

“I'm in the kitchen cooking crack like its bacon, these pussy ass rappers they be faking

I'm 21 Savage ain't no faking, AK-47 get the shaking”21 Savage (Song – Drip, 2015)

The last time I got pulled over, they tried to DU and I me

Don't giva a fuck about my probation I'm still Drinkin And Driving”21 Savage (Song – Drinkin & Driving, 2015)

“I'm drinkin and driving, got molly on molly

Taking these pain killers, they fill up my body

They fill up my body”21 Savage (Song - Drinkin & Driving, 2015)

“I got them bricks, but used to be Nickel and dimeing

You pussy niggas start dying

You pussy niggas start dying

You pussy niggas start dying

You pussy niggas start dying”21 Savage (Song – Start Dying, 2015)

“I'm pourin' syrup in my double cup

She asked to hit my cup

Told that bitch she hit my double cup

She gotta let me fuck”21 Savage (Song – Fuckin Niggaz Bitches, 2015)

“I just hit a million dollar lick, Million dollar shit

I just robbed a Migo for his bricks now I'm serving bricks” 21 Savage (Song – Million Dollar Lick, 2015)

“Whip that baking soda and go buy a range then

I'm seeing double, 'bout to fuck a nigga's main”21 Savage (Song – Seeing Double, 2015)

“Ridin' round the city with a hundred pounds

Ridin' through your hood with a hundred rounds”21 Savage (Song – Woah, 2015)

“I'm a street nigga, yeah I'm famous

I'm a rapper, nigga, and I'm gangbangin”21 Savage (Song – Famous, 2017)

“Wet your mama's house, wet your grandma's house,

 keep shootin' until somebody die”21 Savage (Song – No Heart, 2016)

“Wanna see a body, nigga? Get you killed dog 

Wanna tweet about me, nigga? Get you killed dog”21 Savage (Song – Bank Account, 2017)

“Spray your block down, we not really with that ruh-rah shit

Glock cocked now, I don't really give no fuck 'bout who I hit”21 Savage (Song- Bank Account, 2017)

Go against the gang, that's like suicide, dog

Walk ups only when I'm shooting a drive, dog

We woke the neighbors up, at first the street was quiet, dog”21 Savage (Song – Close my eyes, 2017)

“Have you ever did a real homicide, nigga?

Have you ever made a nigga mama cry, nigga?

Do or die, nigga, gotta do or die, nigga

If you ain't the one doing it, you gon' die, nigga”21 Savage (Song – Close my eyes, 2017)

“Yeah lil' bitch, yeah

Know what goin' on lil' bitch, yeah

Big dawg, lil' bitch

Yeah come suck a big dick, yeah”21 Savage (Song – Bad Business, 2017)

Savage 'round killers nigga, oh shit

Percocets and lean, that's my dosage

I heard you got them bags, get your door kicked”21 Savage (Song – Bad Business, 2017)

Stab a nigga up, this that Shawshank Redemption

Bitch, I send hits, I don't walk 'round with tension

Got a island girl and she come from St. Vincent

Pull up with a choppers, nigga started running, not flinching”21 Savage (Song – Baby girl, 2017)

“Crack inside my grandmas sofa

Sunday, family coming over

Move the crack behind the toaster

Carry pistols with no holsters”21 Savage (Song – Thug Life, 2017)

“Nigga, I'ma pull up at yo bitch house

Fuck a niggas bitch to get a kick out it

Nigga pop percs, 'gone get a kick out it

Drinking on syrup with my dick out”21 Savage ( Song – Thug Life, 2017)

“Numb the pain with the money and ride 'round with that Tommy

And I put it in her stomach and I made that lil' bitch ride me”21 Savage (Song – Numb, 2017)

“Hit 'em in the face, 'fore you turn state

Gotta beat the case, we gon' fuck your bae

We gon' beat her face” 21 Savage (Song – Dead people, 2017)

“I got a Glock and it don't jam, I blast niggas

You a lovey dovey buy a ring nigga

I'm the type to pass her to the team, nigga”21 Savage (Song – Money Convo, 2017)

“You a fake gangsta, you ain't ever shot nobody

I don't wanna hear them stories 'bout them fake bodies

Young Savage send a hit like John Gotti”21 Savage (Song – Money Convo, 2017)

“Fuck around and get robbed 'round me

Chain snatched

Watch snatched, don't get it back (get it)

Chopper on you

Wrong move, get hit in the back”21 Savage (Song – Whole lot, 2017)

“How many niggas you shot? (A lot)”21 Savage (Song – A lot, 2018)

“You can get beats by Dre

You can get hit by K (AK-47)

K hit you, that's your last day

Glock 27, that's bae”21 Savage (Song – Break da law, 2018)

“Ass and titties, ass and titties

Ass and titties, he throw money, twenties

Ass and titties” 21 Savage (Song –a&t, 2018)

“Savage, why you always rappin' 'bout guns for?

'Cause, bitch, I fell in love with the gun smoke”21 Savage (Song – Gun Smoke, 2018)

“I don't need no shooter, everybody know I pop mine

I'm at Crucial on stage with a Glock 9

I keep one in the head, I ain't got time to cock mine

Murder Gang, nigga, I'm redder than a stop sign”21 Savage (Song – Gun Smoke, 2018)

“I think I am 'cause I just fucked that nigga bitch, huh

I swear to god my deal worth seven figures, not six, huh

You think you hard, you wanna get shot all up in yo' shit, huh?”21 Savage (Song – Gun Smoke, 2018)

“1.5 (1.5), on the ride

Niggas die when we slide

Draw the line pick a side

Ain't no switchin' on my guys (On the gang)

1.5 on the ride Niggas die when we slide”21 Savage (Song – 1.5, 2018)

“Flippin' bricks in the loft at night

Told her Get what you want, I swipe

Hoppin' in the Lambo', brains open

My chain soakin', Codeine in my vein, I'm strokin”21 Savage (Song – 1.5, 2018)

“Murder with the .45, murder with the nine

Murdering that bitch, put that dick up in her spine”21 Savage (Song – Good Day, 2018)

“Got the bull for 50 things, now he wanna kill me now

50 drums, air his mammy house, do he feel me now?

Left his kinfolk full of leaks, in the street we play for keeps

Closed casket I aimed for his head, shot him in his teeth”21 Savage (Song – Good day, 2018)

“I'm hangin' with killers, serial

Still in the hood eatin' cereal”21 Savage (Song – Pad lock, 2018)

“Bodybag a nigga ass, throw his body in the trash

I'm a young trap ass, strapped-ass, no time for the yap ass

Get a nigga clapped ass, Zone 6, ride around with it in my lap ass

Leave your man's brain in your motherfuckin' lap ass nigga”21 Savage (Song – 4L, 2018)



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