Apr 23 '17 | By Ifatoki4751
Ifa teaches that Orunmila was attended at the act of creation along with Olodumare(God).because of this ,Orunmila was also the witness of fate and knows the likelihood of all future events.
It is only Orunmila that has the power to foresee the unseen,to forecast the future,it is only through his divination called Idafa (ifa reading) ;a compass that helps in directing human lives,it guides us on how to live our everyday lives in a way that will profit us,our society and the mankind as a whole.
Ifa reading reveals how we can attract peace,good health,wealth and prosperity and also how we can wade off evil in all our endevours and in our society at large and embrace peace in all mankind.this can only be performed by a babalawo(ifa priest)


Nov 5 '17
What tools do one use to do this ritual for peace calm etc
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