'Blue wall of silence' is suffocating the Black community

Aug 15 '16 | By Kemet1luv
'Blue wall of silence' is suffocating the Black community

(RT) Increasingly, many US citizens are having difficulty seeing a difference between so-called good police officers and so-called bad police officers, Gerald Horne, author and historian, told RT. Former police officer, Michael Wood, also joins the discussion.

A man was shot down and killed in a police chase in Milwaukee on Saturday, which led to rioters setting several vehicles ablaze, as well as a gas station and numerous businesses.

The Milwaukee Police Department stated that the fire department was initially unable to put out a blaze at a gas station due to sporadic shooting at the site.

A few days before the incident, the US Department of Justice released a report that revealed that the Baltimore Police Department were unconstitutionally practicing violence towards African-Americans, including the use of force against minors and people with disabilities.

RT: Police seem to be under intense pressure now, no matter what they do. Are officers across the US paying for those embroiled in accusations of brutality? 

GH: Well, first of all there is a real problem with police unions, which engage in what is routinely called a ‘blue wall of silence.’ That is to say the so-called good apples - or police officers who are not involved in brutality - refuse to testify against police officers, who have justifiable reputations for brutality and racism. Until that ‘blue wall of silence’ begins to crumble, it is understandable why protesters tend to see no difference between so-called good police officers and so-called bad police officers.




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